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Liddle Kidz Infant and Pediatric Massage Client & Student Testimonials

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Working with Tina was dynamic and life enhancing.  Many people have hopes and dreams to make the world a better place, but Tina is someone who has taken her focus on pediatric massage as a way to connect with people who want to contribute by making the world a more connected and caring place.

It is uplifting to work with someone who has crystallized her vision and purpose into work that inspires others to succeed and go beyond the constraints of usual convention to help those in  need.

Robert D. Sheeler, M.D.
Associate Professor of Family Medicine | Mayo Medical School
(Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota)

“I am very grateful to have had the experience of working with Tina Allen, and her staff in my role as counselor and patient advocate for a population of children affected with retinoblastoma (eye cancer).

Children's Hospital Los Angeles logoThis disease strikes children from birth to three years of age, but their treatment and follow up can last a lifetime. As a result, many of the children develop post traumatic stress from their multiple hospital visits and constant interactions with medical personnel. Tina and her staff developed a program to help these babies and their parents. Using her expertise, she was able to teach parents to first practice gentle touch on one another, then on a doll and eventually on their baby. The experience was wonderful for the families that were participants in the program.

I am in awe of Tina’s expertise, enthusiasm and sensitivity and wish to express my support of her newest endeavor, Liddle Kidz, offering gentle touch message to infants and their parents. Our society in general does not teach parents how to calm their baby with gentle touch. I have observed first hand how this method can help quiet even the most upset child even under extremely challenging circumstances.

Best of luck to Tina and Liddle Kidz!”

Nancy Mansfield, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Institute for Families Counselor & Ombudsman,
Retinoblastoma Center, Patient Advocate,
Institute for Maternal Fetal Health,
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles,
Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology,
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA"Thank you Tina, for making my dream of bringing touch therapy to the children at Mattel Children's Hospital a reality. We are required to do so much uninvited 'poking and prodding' in the hospital that it is a true joy to offer purely nurturing, compassionate touch to our children."

Samantha Drohan Betti, RN, MS
Registered Nurse, Master of Science (MS), Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP)
Director of Acute Care Pediatrics, Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA

(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Childrens Hospital and Clinic of Minnesota“After 5 years experience working in a pediatric acute care setting and completing another Infant massage training registered for Tina's class wondering if I would learn anything 'new.'  I left the Infant Massage Teacher Training infused with passion, knowledge and heartfelt motivation and practical tools to share the wonderful art of touch with families. Tina is simply the best!”

Karen Gillespie Haeg, LMT, NCMBT, CIMT
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Integrative Medicine Clinic

(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Children's Medical Center Dallas“Tina did a wonderful job incorporating the students' various careers into every aspect of the infant massage certification course! She helped me to gain a skill base that will enable me to provide an incredibly therapeutic service to families of hospitalized infants. I have already begun to see how infant massage can benefit not only infants, but entire families! Thank you, Tina, for all your continued support!"

Renee Caskey, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist- General Pediatrics
Children's Medical Center of Dallas

(Dallas, TX, USA)

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“Tina Allen has been instrumental to the growth of our integrative medicine department and pediatric massage program here at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.”

Dr. Ana Verissimo, MD
Division of Pain Management
Integrative Medicine Department
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

(Hartford, CT, USA)


Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“The Pediatric Certification class this past weekend is an experience not to be missed for those who love children!  Tina's energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the empowerment of children is exhilarating and inspirational. I came away with more than new strokes and hands on techniques, but with an awakened sense of the excitement in learning!”

Theresa Ochenkoski, LMT, CPMT, CIMI, RM
Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

(Boston, MA, USA)

Child's Light Pediatrics“I am very impressed by Tina.

She is one of the most sincere, caring and patient individuals from whom I have had the opportunity to work and learn.”

Steven Martel, M.D.
Child's Light Pediatrics, Inc

(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies“The CPMT course gives you the confidence to work with the pediatric population AND provides you with a building block for endless possibilities of teaching our children the value of TOUCH.”

Bambi P. Mathay, LMT, CPMT, NCTMB
Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
(Boston, MA, USA)

“The Liddle Kidz Foundation CIMT course exceeded my expectations!

Aupair CareTina Allen is an extremely motivating and encouraging trainer and teacher.  I felt extremely confident and energized upon completion of the infant massage teacher certification course and would recommend it to anyone interested in helping others.”

Marisa Lonic, CIMT
Director – Au Pair Care
(Long Island, New York, USA)

“This course felt like it was designed just for me.  Tina is very friendly, kind, caring, willing to help and eager to teach pediatric massage.  Thank you for coming to teach us here at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN!”

Nikol Delzer, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
Cardiovascular Surgery
Mayo Clinic - Rochester

(Rochester, Minnesota, USA)

“Thank you for providing this course at the Mayo Clinic.  You have an amazing passion for what you do, which comes through in your course.  This course exceeded all of my expectations.  The vast knowledge on the subject of infant and pediatric massage was amazing!”

Nancy Rodgers, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
Cardiovascular Surgery
Mayo Clinic - Rochester

(Rochester, Minnesota, USA)

"Thank you for the most inspiring training I have ever been to!! Tina and Liddle Kidz Foundation is amazing! I am so happy and thankful for this opportunity!

Sarah Walton, RN, LMP, CPMT
Seattle Children's Hospital
(Seattle, Washington, USA)

"Master teacher" does not adequately describe the depth and breadth of this down-to-earth and focused visionary.  I have taken both the Infant and Pediatric Massage training programs, and a workshop on Autism.  I am planning to continue to take any other programs or workshops that Tina Allen offers - she's an extraordinary pioneer!?

Helga Hunter, RN, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

"There is smart and then there is Tina Allen smart. I reached out to Tina and she helped me connect the dots quickly and easily so even I could understand.

Thank you for your support of the Canadian Massage Conference and the American Massage Conference and thank you from our team Lorna McKenzie Pasinato, Robyn Lynn Donovan-Green Rmt, Monica Pasinato-Forchielli, Angie Patrick and me for sharing this video and your outstanding talents with us and the world.”

Scott Dartnall, RMT
World Massage Conference
American Massage Conference
Canadian Massage Conference
American Chiropractic Conference
American Acupuncture Conference

(Ham, Ontario, CANADA)

"Tina is an inspiration to all who have the health and welfare of our children at heart. I truly commend her for her passion and dedication towards this end."

Peter Walker
International School Developmental Baby Massage and Movement
(United Kingdom)

"Tina is a powerhouse of forward-thinking, solution-oriented, compassionate care-giving energy. Her work with the Liddle Kidz Foundation is ground-breaking-- not only for its size and ambition, but also because of Tina's special strengths. She is a model for what an independent thinker in this profession can be. Do you have a chance to work with Tina? Grab it!"

Ruth Werner
Past President Massage Therapy Foundation
Author of Massage Therapists' Guide to Pathology: Critical Thinking and Practical Application

(United States)

"Limitless energy, smarts, and dedication: these descriptors only begin to describe Tina Allen. The contributions she is making to the massage therapy profession and children in need of nurturing touch will serve our profession and society for generations to come. I see her as a keenly intelligent, tiny dynamo who somehow manages to serve others, run her foundation, and thoughtfully raise her young son, Otis, in partnership with her husband.

From my professional vantage point, I'm fortunate to be able to watch Tina in action. She's young and gifted; I can't wait to see what she'll do next, and how her creativity and commitment will play out in decades to come."

Leslie Young
Vice President of Communications, ABMP, Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals
(Golden, Colorado, United States)

"When it comes to walking the walk, no one does it better than Tina Allen. Her passion for the massage profession and the positive outcomes for pediatrics through nurturing touch are unequaled. She lives her passion, and that is found in helping and educating others. I am blessed to have been introduced to the LIDDLE KIDZ FOUNDATION, and I am completely in love with Tina Allen and her beautiful family.

From international outreach to service right here at home, Tina Allen is a force of nature. She is well respected in the Bodywork Profession and Mainstream Medical as well, and rightfully so. Her approach is straightforward, clear, concise, and impassioned.

It is without any reservation whatsoever that I would endorse Tina Allen as an educator, lecturer, motivator, and Foundation Director. If you have money earmarked for charity, I would suggest supporting this incredible foundation."

Angie Patrick
Director of Business Development, Massage Warehouse
(Bolingbrook, Illinois, United States)

"Tina, I just wanted to take another moment to say thank you. I REALLY enjoyed the CPMT and CIMT courses. You did such an AMAZING job, I felt engaged the entire time! I'm looking forward to taking more classes in the future. Going into these courses I thought I knew which direction I wanted to take, however now my mind has been opened to so many additional possibilities! I'm not sure which direction to take but I know I'll find me way! Thank you for the support. I wish you and your family safe travel from one adventure to the next! "

Sheila Stockwell, OTR/L , CIMT, CPMT
(Orange County, California, USA)

"I really love what massage can do for kids in a world of too much tv, videogames, and technology.  There is something so basic, almost primitive about massage and how it can ground and center a child.  In a world of so much change and evolution, the art of massage and touch can remain ever steadfast and passed on for generations to come. Thank you Tina Allen and the Liddle Kidz Foundation"

Wynette Campbell, CIMT
(Akron, Iowa, USA)

“I traveled from China to California to learn teaching Infant Massage from Tina Allen, and it was well worth the journey. The course provided a well rounded package of information, not only about child development and appropriate massage techniques and routines to support it. Tina also exemplified and taught how to be a great facilitator of learning and shared a wealth of helpful marketing ideas. Tina’s passion in all of this is truly inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend her course for other therapists to keep spreading skilled nurturing touch to parents and caretakers for the benefit of children everywhere.”

Annette Oevermann, LMT, CIMT
(Beijing, China)

“I work in the inpatient setting on a bone marrow transplant unit, where we use high dose chemotherapy regimens. I have had the best response to massage with teenage patients with nausea, that has been refractory to pharmaceutical treatment. With massage, they relax and are able to get to get a break from the unrelenting nausea and then rest. The other population I have seen a great response from is patients with chronic pain, these patient now know to ask for massage and look forward to it. I have been caring for a 3 year-old who now asks me “Can you rub me?” She even has a bottle of her favorite lotion at the bedside. After the massage session, these patients are more interactive and wanting to participate in play activities. Having been through the Liddle Kidz Foundation Pediatric Massage Therapy Training Program, I have additional skills in my toolbox to help these children get through the rough parts of their treatment and it also demonstrates to the patients and their families how much I care about their wellbeing.”

Christine Symes, RN, MSN, APRN
Children’s Mercy Hospital
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

My facility does not pay for out of state courses and I had to pay for this course with my own money.

  This is by far the most valuable course I have taken in 17 years as an OT.  Well worth my time and money.  I appreciate Tina's dynamic approach and willingness to share her wealth of knowledge.  Her passion to spread knowledge to benefit infants and families is remarkable!

Kristi Eickmann, OT, CPMT, CIMT
Occupational Therapist
(Ohio, USA)

"Tina is truly amazing!  She is warm, compassionate and kind.  Her passion and desire for infant massage is reflected through how well she presents classroom materials and how she makes you feel so comfortable.

The 3-day training went so fast and I learned so much. I was so inspired each day by her upbeat personality and I felt confident I can take this training anywhere and have many opportunities arise.  Above all she is making a difference in the world today by stressing the importance of nurturing touch and hopefully others will "pay it forward" like she has."

Colleen Picha, CIMT
(Northfield, MN, USA)

I have already used the skills I learned at the Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz with Autism class.  The parents of the children I worked with, couldn't believe how massage affected their children in such a positive way and so immediate.

One of the parents said she would have given me a million dollars if she had it, for the hour I spent with her child.  She hadn't seen her sit for that long, ever, and couldn't believe how focused and calm she became.  She wanted to know how often I was returning!  Once again thank you so much Tina for the infant massage certification class and the experience.  I truly treasure all that I have learned.

Tammy Sawusch, LMT, CIMT
(Lake Villa, Illinois, USA)

“Last night I had my first session of providing massage therapy at the local domestic violence/transitional shelter here in Frederick, MD and there were lots and lots of kids! I felt so confidant in working with them and they ALL were just thrilled....which helped their moms feel really at ease and happy with their own, grown-up massage experience.

So, I'm feeling a lot of gratitude toward you Tina, for training me well and offering me such amazing opportunities to share the wonders of massage and touch therapy with kiddos”

Amy Heikkinen, LMT, CPMT
Good Sense Massage
(Frederick, MD, USA)

"As a doula, I have to say it was the best learning experience I have ever had.  I learned not only the benefits of Infant massage, but also had the opportunity to practice and watch a real live class given to real moms with their babies.  I learned so much.  I will implement what I have learned into my practice.  Thank you, Tina Allen and Liddle Kidz Foundation!"

Ingrid Aponte, CD, CIMT
Ounce of Prevention | Will County Health Department
(Joliet, Illinois, USA)

"I had the pleasure of attending the CIMT (Certified Infant Massage Teacher) & CPMT (Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist) classes. They were the best! I learned more information than what I expected. Tina was very informative and down to earth. She really makes the classes enjoyable, and makes you want to do better in this field. I look forward to finishing up my free lessons with families this week so that I can go full force into the field of teaching infant massage!"

Chasidy K. Johnson, LMT, CIMT, CPMT
(Marietta, GA, USA)

I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible opportunity to attend the CPMT course in Sydney. It was without a doubt, one of the most interesting, valuable and relevant professional development courses I have attended in my career as a Child Life Therapist, and I was inspired by your passion and dedication to improving the lives of children within healthcare settings and beyond.

Karen Weir, Child Life Therapist
Westmead Children's Hospital
(Sydney, Australia)

“Tina is an approachable energy dynamo!  Her Pediatric Massage class was informative, fun and comprehensive.”
Donna Buxton, LMT, NCTMB, CPMT
(Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)

“I had an excellent time learning pediatric massage through Tina Allen's immense knowledge of various techniques and keen understanding of children.

Anyone with a sincere desire to discover the ultimate approach in combining Touch Therapy with special kiddos, must register for this course immediately!”

Kristen Perron, CPMT, CIMI, LMT, NCTMB
Massage Envy Regional Massage Therapist of the Year
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

Tina,  your class and dedication helps so many of us realize our dream.  I am so fortunate to find you through AMTA, and forever changed by your  passion to help children through safe touch. You are a super hero, I hope you see that. ..Mattel should make an action figure of your likeness.

Stephanie Moberg, Lmt, CPMT, AMTA
(Chicago, IL, USA)

“I attended the CPMT (pediatric massage certification) course in Orlando, FL and it was an awesome experience. I learned so much, and I can't wait to be able to utilize what I have learned with children. Tina was so inspiring and passionate about her work, and I would love the opportunity to take other courses taught by her in the future.”

Melanie Ortiz, LMT, CPMT
(Orlando, FL, USA)

“Taking the Infant Massage Course with Tina Allen is an inspiring step to becoming an instructor in this highly beneficial form of therapeutic touch. Tina is so passionate about her work and is amazingly generous with all of her knowledge because she really wants us to get out there, spread the word to help infants and families and to succeed!”

Denny Maclaine RN, PIMH, CIMT
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

“When I signed up for this course, I truly had no idea the extent to which it would broaden my ability to help people.  As a student massage therapist, I was just looking for another tool to put in my bag, but this quickly become a whole new bag of it's own!  The quality of training is fantastic.

The course takes you from learning, to teaching, all the way to marketing.  I couldn't wait to get out and start teaching.  Having the ability to help families connect with each other on such a personal level is something I never expected and am so thankful for.  It was absolutely worth the time, energy and money.”

Kristin Hernandez, SMT
Universal College of Healing Arts
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

“I absolutely loved the Infant Massage class.  I think Tina Allen creates a wonderful atmosphere for learning and we had an incredible group of Occupational Therapists and Massage Therapists who are really interested in bringing Infant Massage to families.  Tina is extremely knowledgeable and very enthusiastic and warm which makes her not only someone you want to learn from, but easy to learn from.

Tina is also concerned with us being successful and is willing to help us long after the course is over.  I have never experienced that before, unless you pay for it.  I will be sure to take more classes with Tina in the future.”

Karie Bennett, NCTMB, LMT, CIMT
(Whitefield, New Hampshire, USA)

“The first hour I still thought I was going to be the one giving the massage so imagine my chagrin when that was not the case.  I was going to learn to teach others how to bond with their own infant, makes more sense.  I was profoundly affected by the class and now can't wait to get involved with families and their babies  I am honored to be a part of it.  Thank you Tina for making it possible.”

Julia Robinson, LMT, CIMT and Reiki Master
(Nashville, TN, USA)

“Best training class I've attended! Lots of great information but never overwhelming, even with just a 2 day training I feel ready and well prepared to take a new course in my massage career as a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist.”

Melisa Nguyen LMT, CPMT
(Overland Park, Kansas, USA)

“Tina's passion for children and empowering caregivers through pediatric massage is incredibly encouraging. I look forward to incorporating what I've learned in this course into my practice and encouraging others to attend one of her trainings! I learned so much, even through a 2 day course!”

Heather Hopf, CCLS, CPMT
Certified Child Life Specialist
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

"Tina truly is an inspiration in field of infant massage and nurturing touch. She is warm, kind, gentle and approachable. Her classes gives you more information in 3 days than you ever thought possible and she certainly inspires and prepares you for whatever comes your way"

Eva Marie K. Nobrega, BA, CIMT
Senior Therapist, Touch Play & Grow
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“Prior to signing up for infant massage classes, I researched various programs on the internet. I finally decided on Liddle Kidz Foundation primarily because of my communication with Tina Allen.

In preparation for the classes I emailed Tina with some questions and also shared some thoughts and information about my life. Tina answered my questions patiently and thoroughly; but, what struck me immediately was how genuinely interested she was in me as a person. Then I took the classes and discovered she is a highly qualified, educated and experienced trainer.

She is naturally down-to-earth, compassionate and kind, and strives to make everyone feel at ease no matter who they are, where they come from or what they think and believe.  She's enthusiastic and playful and at the same time has a well-organized training course.

I feel honored to have found Liddle Kidz Foundation to begin my journey with teaching families about the importance of touch through infant massage.  I believe my experience with Tina Allen has made and will make all the difference in the world in how I approach and develop my own classes.  I cannot say enough to praise and recommend Liddle Kidz Foundation to anyone seeking this certification.  I thank Tina Allen and all the people who make Liddle Kidz Foundation possible.  This work IS ultimately the most important work in the world!”

Vicki Willendorf, CIMT in training!
(Renton, Washington, USA)

“I have recently taken CIMT and CPMT with Tina Allen and the Liddle Kidz Foundation and found both courses to exceed my expectations. Tina Allen is a pioneer in the field of bringing safe nurturing and healing touch to children and babies and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivers the information in a fun, caring and professional manner.”

Patricia Milburn-Barile, NNEB Nursery Nurse, RMT, CIMT, CPMT
Adjust To Life Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

“When I registered for the CPMT class, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to integrate this certification with my existing practice. During the course, however, Tina gave us ideas on how to do exactly that.  I can't wait to continue with the CIMT and other Pediatric Touch Therapy courses.  The passion that Tina has for bringing healthy touch to children is inspiring and renews my own passion for the reason I became a MT.  Thanks Tina.”

Laura Dupler, NCLMT, CCA, CPMT
For Your Own Good Massage and Bodywork
(Chicago, IL, USA)

“Tina Allen provided prenatal massage for a patient who was experiencing a very high-risk pregnancy.  The baby was presenting as breach, and Tina was able to not only provide massage therapy to relax my patient, but also taught the patient some techniques of self massage which helped the baby to turn into the correct position prior to delivery.  Mom and baby are now healthy and happy, thanks to Tina!”

Dr. Bruno Giannotta, D.C.
(Studio City, CA, USA)

“I have already used the skills I learned at the Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz with Autism class.  The parents of the children I worked with, couldn't believe how massage affected their children in such a positive way and so immediate.  One of the parents said she would have given me a million dollars if she had it, for the hour I spent with her child.  She hadn't seen her sit for that long ever and couldn't believe how focused and calm she became.  She wanted to know how often I was returning!  Once again thank you so much for the class and the experience.  I truly treasure all that I have learned.”

Tammy Sawusch, LMT, Certified Infant Massage teacher (CIMT)
(Lake Villa, IL, USA)

“Tina's class was more than I could of ever imagined! Both in valuable content and hands-on learning! A must for any healthcare professional who desires working with children or someone who already does.”

Cindy Oselio, RN, LMT, Certified Infant Massage teacher (CIMT), Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT)
(Kailua, Hawaii, USA)

“I really love what massage can do for kids in a world of too much tv, videogames, and technology.  There is something so basic, almost primitive about massage and how it can ground and center a child.  In a world of so much change and evolution the art of massage and touch can remain ever steadfast and passed on for generations to come."

Wynette Campbell, Certified Infant Massage teacher (CIMT)
(Akron, Iowa, USA)

“I attended Tina's certfied infant massage teacher training class, and it exceeded my expectations.  Tina's approach to teaching is marvelous, and I felt 100% prepared when I left.

My favorite portion of the class was on marketing.  The few hours we spent discussing this topic I was on fire with excitement to begin my own practice!

Thank you, Tina, for your humility, generosity, and expertise!”

Hilary Jantzi, CD, SMT, CIMT
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

“I had been anxiously awaiting this course for months, as there was just something that made me feel it was going to be special.  I was not disappointed!  From the moment we started, I was captivated by the passion, energy, and knowledge that Tina possessed. The love of kids is truly what motivates her, and it is infectious. I can't wait to take another course!!!”

Dan McComiskey, LMT, CPMT
(Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA)

“I was totally thrilled to take Tina's class.  I live in the border land (between New Mexico and Mexico).  The need to help these young mother's with their newborn babies is really great here.  I am excited that I can use what I learned with Tina, to show them how to enhance their time with their children.  This was truly one of the best continuing education classes I have taken.”

Debi True Rounds, RMT, CIMT
(Las Cruces, New Mexico)

“The CPMT (pediatric massage) course I took with Tina Allen was an awesome
experience!  Tina gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to get out
there and build my practice.  Tina gives her knowledge, resources, and never
ending support to all who participate in her classes.  Thank you Tina Allen!”

Sheree Fontenot, LMT, CPMT
(Luling / New Orleans, Louisiana)

“Thanks for your courses Liddle Kidz.  One very nice thing about your classes: they are so "calm, laid back, peaceful, everything in good time" and most courses I go to are very intense with more information than can be consumed by the human mind.  So each class I've taken with you, initially I feel kind of antsy, ready for great piles of info; but after I get over my initial "let's go, let's go, let's go" mind set, a sense of calm prevails.

My compliments to you Tina for instilling that atmosphere, because in reality it is necessary for the art of massage to convey a sense of peace in the heart, mind and body of the giver, so that the receiver (families and babies) can also feel the calm and peace.  Otherwise the focus is on one more thing that must done perfectly correct instead of on the perfection of love through touch.”

Mary “Boots” Rudd, PT, CPMT
(St. Louis, MO, USA)

“I recently completed two classes taught by Tina which were awesome- the Pediatric Massage Therapist Training and the Infant Massage Teacher Training. Tina is truly a gifted teacher. She covers so much material and gives tons of information - including business promotion! I have been a massage therapist for quite a long time and have found that these classes helped propel me into a new and exciting direction for my career. Thanks Tina!”

Patti McKenna, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
(Brockport, Western NY, USA)

“I recently completed the Liddle Kidz Infant Massage Training course while in Boulder, Colorado.  The course was very thorough, and I feel competent to teach others.  Although I took the course to train mothers at my present position with Head Start, I plan to create a part-time business with this knowledge as well.  I would highly recommend this valuable training.”

Kathryn Polla, Teacher, CIMT
Southeast Children and Family Development
Early Head Start & Head Start

(Detroit, Michigan, USA)

“CIMT is definitely a course worth recommending to others; Tina’s passion for nurturing touch is contagious.  She presents the materials in a way that educates and opens the mind to opportunities of incorporating the knowledge into your existing world.  Whether you’re a massage therapist, nurse, educator or someone who just deeply cares about fostering future generations this is training for you.”

Jen Liebsack, LMT, CIMT
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

“As a Licensed Massage Therapist, my practice is centered around the well being of women and children.  So, it was so amazing to learn a new technique and be able to offer it to the parents of young children. Tina presents the class in an entertaining, fun and relaxed way, so everyone, even if they are not a massage therapist, can feel comfortable working with parents and teaching them this beautiful art of massage for their children.”

Kimberly Nurse, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
(Ashford, Connecticut, USA)

"Thank you Tina!  I must tell you how great the training was and the wonderful experience I have had thus far teaching. While teaching one of my clients with Cerebral Palsy, he had a moment with his mom that was so intense, peaceful and beautiful all at the same time, it made everything worthwhile. Thanks for such a great training and a great experience I will be able to carry with me forever."

Sheena Visser, CIMT, Child Development Educator
Alberta Health Services | Northern Lights Health Region
(Fort MacMurray, Alberta, CANADA)

“A close friend of mine encouraged me to look into the Certified Infant Massage Training.  I have just become a Grandmother of two baby girls within a week of each other.  The more I thought about the babies and your class, the more my intuition told me to enroll.

I am blessed and thoroughly excited to have the two new babies in my life and I want to help them in any way possible.  The class has given me a new purpose in life.  I have already seen the benefits in my own grandchildren and I would like to spread that knowledge to other babies and their parents.  I am very grateful for having been introduced to this training.  The class was very well presented and Tina was kind and wonderful to work with.  Thank you very much.”

Deborah K Lang,  Grandmother, CIMT
(Panora, Iowa, USA)

"The Infant Massage course with Tina in Ottawa, Ontario this past weekend was so empowering.  Tina has a very natural ability to flow her love of her craft to those she teaches.  I came away with a new outlook on the power of touch and a strong desire to share that with the parents I will work with in the future.

Thank you Tina & the Liddle Kidz Foundation!”

Karina Dewar, CIMT
Certified Infant Massage Teacher
Program Director, Ontario Early Years Arnprior
(Arnproir / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

"Hi Tina! Thanks for a super seminar! I am so excited to move mountains! I just did a massage story on each of my kids before bed and they all went to bed much calmer with a smile on their faces and very relaxed! That almost never happens....and it was an awesome way to calm myself with them! Thank you!!

Erica R. Hodgson, LMT, CPMT
Owner, Celestial Massage
(New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA)

“The CIMT course provides a great foundation for anyone thinking of teaching infant massage in a classroom setting. Tina is engaging, entertaining, and leads by example—sharing ideas for building your practice based on her own experience in creating opportunities for herself.”

Jeanne Mitchell, CMT, CIMT & Certified Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Massage Therapist
Graduate, Boulder College of Massage Therapy
Member, AMTA

(Boulder, Colorado, USA)

“I loved the class, Tina's knowledge was inspirational her manner infectious and she was extremely generous

She gave of herself in ways that I would never have expected, and gave all of us license to use any of the materials that she provided (materials that took her alot of time to develop), saving us so much time and expense.

I have never received so much, for so little. The fee was well worth it!  Anyone taking this course will NOT be sorry!”

Denise Martin, CIMT, Doula
(Bethel, Connecticut, USA)

“Tina Allen is an exceptional teacher and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with her.  Her wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication are well beyond her years.  She is passionate about her mission and you can't help but to feel the same passion for Infant Massage Therapy.  Thank You Tina for opening up a new door of endless possibilities for me.”

Liana Amodeo, CIMT
(Staten Island, New York, USA)

“When looking for infant massage certification courses to take I researched on the internet and liked what I saw offered by Tina Allen.  I paid my tuition, booked my flight , booked my room and hoped I was spending my money wisely. Well, no was money well spent!

The infant massage certification course exceeded my expectations. Information was presented in a clear, fun and professional manner. I can't wait to put it into practice!  If you are thinking of taking this course, don't hesitate, just do it!”

Terry Beardsley, OT, CIMT
(Savannah, Georgia, USA)

“I thought the Liddle Kidz Foundation infant massage teacher training that I attended was absolutely fantastic.  It was packed full of valuable information!  It is not very often that I attend an educational workshop where the information is delivered in such a professional, interactive, modern, and most importantly, fun way, but this was one of those rare occasions.”

Agnes Ewing, Doula, CIMT
Children's Home Association of Illinois
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

“Tina Allen is a wonderful teacher and pediatric massage specialist.  She is passionate about this field, and has done so many wonderful things to promote and legitimize pediatric massage all around the world.  Her CPMT (Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist) certification class was informative, professional and caring.  For me the weekend was amazing, and so much more than I thought it would be.  She is truly inspiring and has gotten me very excited to start this new phase of my career.  I look forward to taking more advanced courses from her.”

Linda Riak, OTR/L, CPMT
(West Newton, MA, USA)

“I really enjoyed Tina's training. She was very passionate and ethusiastic about infant massage. That passion became contagious and it spreads to the class. Everyone should take classes with Tina to absorb her knowledge and experience. It was a fun-filled, hands on three-day training!”

Lisa Leung, CIMT, Med CEIS
(Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

“My daughter has a stuffed bunny she sleeps with and always chews on him, it is really gross. Tonight, during story time she was chewing away, and so I started to use the facial massage techniques you showed me in class and she stopped right away.  She just relaxed in my lap, even when the massage was done, she didn't start chewing again! I am going to keep doing it, thanks!! I didn't realize facial massage had that benefit!

You truly are an inspiration Tina.  I am blessed to have met you and your family. Thank you for all you do!”

Melanie McGuire, LMT, CPMT, CEIM
(Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA)

“Tina Allen is a bundle of energy, revealing helpful knowledge while showing compassion for others in her mission toward healing children through mindful massage. Her teaching style has an engaging tempo while she is informative, candid and eager to help those willing to extend themselves for the greater good of helping all children where they are physically and emotionally. I highly recommend her session on Pediatric Massage and I am planning on attending her other pediatric courses and trainings due to the proficiency of this first course I participated in.”

Julie Hagey, LMT, CD (DONA), CPMT, Mother of four
(Austin, Texas, USA)

“Fantastic information provided by a fabulous instructor! Tina and her team are energetic, genuine, knowledgeable people who impart valuable ways to nurture infants.”

Elvia Fisher, B.A. Psychology, CIMT
(Tel Aviv, Israel)

“I went into the class thinking it would simply be a "how to massage a baby class."  What I came away with was Tina's passion and a desire to see families grow and connect using massage.  This class is a great addition to my work as a childbirth educator.  I highly recommend it to anyone committed to working with families.”

Tamara Wrenn, CIMT, Certified Childbirth Educator, Healthy MOMS Perinatal Fitness Instructor, CPR & First Aid Instructor - Adult, Infant and Child, American Heart Association, La Leche League International Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Administrator
(Harriman, New York, USA)

“When I decided to get certified for pediatric massage, it was with the thought of working with healthy athletic kids only, however, while attending the pediatric course and seeing the passion that Tina Allen has for the children on all level, my focus for working with children has expanded.  I now plan on taking the infant course and extending my reach with massage for children.”

Linda Jones, LMT, CPMT
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

"Tina has been wonderful. She was respectful and knows her stuff. The most important thing is that Tina is open-minded and respectful of diversity."

Maryam Mozafarinezhad, PsyD. | Psychologist
(Santa Monica, CA, USA)

"The training I received with Tina was invaluable to my practice.  Tina is not only incredibly knowledgeable about child development and the use of massage to help children, she is also an articulate, approachable, and inspirational instructor.

The information presented was thorough and practical, and included professional guidance in paperwork and presentation along with massage techniques for children with a wide variety of needs. I look forward to implementing everything I've learned in my pediatric practice, and I will definitely be taking more of Tina's classes in the future.

Thank you so much for all you've done to help children at home and around the world benefit from this important work!"

Jennifer Gloerstad, M.A., CCC-SLP, LMT, CPMT
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

"Tina did a wonderful job at teaching so that information was learned and the student felt confident!"

Stephanie Dilliner, PT | Pediatric Physical Therapist | Early Childhood Educator
Owner, Pediatric Milestones
(Valley Springs, CA, USA)

"I recently took Tina’s CPMT course and I loved it.

Tina alone was a joy to be around. Her upbeat and friendly personality just draws you to her, it did me anyways. She really knows how to make the course fun and interesting. The knowledge that she possess is just unbelievable. I have caught myself in an up and down love with massage due to recent events that I have dealt with in the business.

Tina’s CPMT class was able to wake me up and get me excited about massage again and for that I am thankful. She really opened my eyes to a new world of massage. She is very approachable which makes the learning process that much more enjoyable. She is someone who truly loves what she does and you see that in the way she teaches her class as well as the tone in her voice when she talks about children in general.

This course is not only beneficial to people in the health care field but it is also beneficial for parents in general especially those whose children may have a certain health related topic that would benefit from massage.

Of course all children need and should be able to experience healthy touch and with Tina and the Liddle Kidz Foundation this is possible. I encourage everyone to consider taking this course."

Jennifer Holladay Green, LMT, CPMT
Five Points Massage
(Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

“Tina Allen presented an outstanding infant massage workshop at my Creative Arts Studio in June.  I was impressed with the amount of information that was presented during our three days together. Tina was organized and kept things moving while allowing time for discussions. I was happy to have the opportunity to learn from the other educators who attended.  A wide variety of materials were also available for participants to browse through.  I would love to have Tina return for another workshop in the near future!”

Brenda Wright, Director
Wright Foot Forward Creative Arts Center
(Boise, Idaho, USA)

“I work at the Iowa State University Child Development Lab School in the Infant/ Toddler room. I had been struggling for 2 years to try to get into an infant massage class that would allow me to teach it. I think all of the “closed or cancelled” classes from other organizations happened for a reason. This training was excellent. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to take it from Tina. She presented the info in an appropriate manner. Just enough history without making the training boring. It was excellent to be able facilitate a class with her there. I would encourage everyone to take the classes for Infant Massage from Tina Allen!”

Laurie Jeffries
Head Teacher
Iowa State University
Child Development Laboratory School
(Ames, Iowa, USA)

“Tina Allen is a one of a kind speaker!  She is a true inspiration and
her passion is contagious.  Her class was refreshing and eye-opening.
I will definitely be taking another one of her classes soon!”

Brooke Outland, LMT, CPMT
(LaGrange, Georgia, USA)

“I am so inspired by the classes I took through the Liddle Kidz Foundation. Tina Allen's expertise was rivaled only by her passion. When the CPMT class was wrapping up I was honestly relieved that I still had two more days ahead with the Massage for Autism class. Thank you Tina and thank you Liddle Kidz”

Danielle Richmond, CMT, CPMT, Autism Massage
(Suttons Bay, MI , USA)

"Tina's presentation throughout the course was excellent, both personally and professionally. She was prepared and prompt everyday!"

Cynthia Haberman, OT | Pediatric Occupational Therapist
(Valley Springs, CA, USA)

"I would love to share my testimonial for the Liddle kidz foundation.  The infant massage training taught me more than I ever imagined I would learn.  It opened my eyes to how important a simple touch between guardian and infant can be.  And the fact that we have learned specific strokes that can potentially enhance so many different bodily functions makes the whole experience invaluable. I am so excited to start infant massage classes in Arkansas Children's Hospital CVICU!  The NICU just started doing classes a few weeks ago and the medical staff are making great referrals. Thanks again for this wonderful opporunity to teach infant massage!" Thank you Tina Allen!"

Kelsi Martinez, MS, Certified Child Life Specialist, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
Arkansas Children's Hospital
(Little Rock, Arkansas)

"Thank you Tina Allen and the Liddle Kidz Foundation for completing my education to enter the Pediatric therapy profession.  The class was phenomenal, it gave me all the tools I need to be an excellent therapist and grow my business.  Tina is a gift to children and parents everywhere, without her training and awakening the medial community to alternative therapies, many children and families would continue to live with the pain and issues of illness or even something as simple as everyday growing pains! I am very excited to try to open the doors you have taught me truly exist!"

"Thank you & looking forward to further training with Liddle Kidz!"

Robyn Jepson, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT)
(Boston, MA, USA)

"Tina's 3-day infant massage teacher training course has changed my life.  Her knowledge and expertise in the field of infant massage, coupled with her genuinely compassionate nature and encouraging attitude toward adults and children are inspirational."

Rachel Bierschbach, MA, CCC-SLP, NCTM, CIMT
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

"The CIMT course that I took was easily one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken. Tina does an excellent job of engaging and inspiring you. I really do see her as a role model."

Audrey Koonmen, LMT, CIMT
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

“Hi, I Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for my recent experience with Liddle Kidz and the awesome Certified Infant Massage Teacher course I attended recently. Tina Allen is very passionate in her quest to teach caregivers the importance of touch for children, and presents the course in a very informative and detailed manner yet keeps it simple and very real world, I highly recommend the course to all who share the value of touch and interaction. The benefits are endless.”

Michael J. McElwee, LMT , Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

“Fabulous!  I've attended many seminars, but this by far was the best.  Tina is an excellent teacher, making sure everyone feels welcome.  The caring knowledge Tina shares so willingly, along with the very specific marketing ideas have given me the confidence to venture out and start my business.”

Cyndy Sharron, LMT , Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(North Olmsted, Ohio, USA)

"The class really was fantastic! Tina's open, honest presence makes everyone comfortable and lends itself to us being open and honest in our work. Thank you!"

Kim Hansen, PNP | Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
(Sebastopol, CA, USA)

"I received my Infant Massage Instructors Certification from another organization.  I came across your website when I was looking for articles to increase resources for my classes. The articles and information that you have on your website is fantastic and up to date!  I have already shared it with many parents!  Thank you for not only your permission to share the articles with my classes, but also attaching the articles in handout form, that was very generous!  It is refreshing to have the support of other experts!"

Cathy Dunn, RMT, CIMI
(Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)

“Tina is the best teacher I’ve ever had!  She is one of the sweetest and most compassionate people I know.  I could tell by our first conversation, how passionate and knowledgeable she is about what she does.  Tina’s friendly and outgoing personality made the class a lot of fun! She continues to be a source of support and information for me.  I believe Tina is one of the guardian angels God sent to help guide me to my mission in life.  Thank you Tina!”

Lori Boccia RDMS, RT(M), CIMT, CIMI
(Poughkeepsie, New York, USA)

"I loved this class!!! Every aspect was right on and so much fun. I highly recommend Tina's class to everyone interested in relationships, babies, massage and communication building.

Sheridan Ross, LMT, CIMT | Licensed Massage Therapist | Labor Doula | Lactation Consultant
(San Carlos, CA, USA)

“Tina Allen is not only an expert in her field, she is a master teacher!  I have taken other infant massage and pediatric health education, and nothing compares to the information I have learned from Tina.   I would recommend anyone wanting to provide touch therapy for children learn from her.  She’ll teach you even more than you need to know!”

Michele Jensen, MS, RN, CPNP, CIMT
(San Diego, CA, USA)

“The CIMT course is very informative and a great way to broaden your massage business.   It is a win/win course, a win for you the therapist getting to have another modality to your business and win for the parents to know some info that can help them have a strong bond with their child and possible assist their child with a need they have, thus also giving a boost to their confidence as a parent.  Tina gives the course in a very empowering way, you as the therapist gain a whole new aspect into the world of infants and toddlers.”

Sarah Grupe, LMT, CIMT
(Britton, South Dakota, USA)

“Tina Allen and the CPMT certification class inspired me and made me proud to continue in life as a therapist to both adults and children.  It provided me with the information and confidence to grow as a massage therapist.”

Kelly Hendzel, LMT, CPMT
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

“As a Massage Therapist, I did not get this kind of training or information in Massage Therapy School.  I am so very grateful to Tina Allen and her passion for sharing this information with us!”

Jackie Westfall, LMT, CPMT
(San Tan Valley, AZ, USA)

"Tina is an extremely knowledgeable, kind and energetic instructor.  I have volunteered with her for several years, and she always put her heart and soul into everything she does.  This quality, along with her unshakeable optimism, cheerful personality and expertise, make her a valuable asset to anyone  interested in learning more about the field Infant and Pediatric Massage.

Perhaps one of the most striking aspects about Tina is her passion and commitment.  She believes in what she does, and she does it with enthusiasm, warmth and integrity."

Claire Sterrett, LMT, CIMT, CIMI, MA Somatic Psychology
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

"Tina Allen has a wonderful way to teach. I could really feel her passion for Infant Massage and that she takes much pleasure in teaching new Infant Massage Teachers. The CIMT Training was the best and most meaningful continuing education I have ever taken."

Katrin Blatter, Pediatric Nurse
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

"I learned so much more than I expected at the CIMT course. I recommed this course to anyone wishing to help teach families how to really bond with their infants."

Nicole Vanek, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

"You have great insight. I wish we could work closer together so I could learn more from you. You are a great mentor!"

Debi Langton, LMT, CIMT, CIMI
(Dallas, TX, USA)

"Tina, you have very impressive skills in setting up a foundation. Your skills as a teacher are extraordinary, but most of all your passion for this area of healing is infectious.

I am looking forward to taking your Pediatric Massage Course!"

Roberta Hunt, PhD, RN
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, St. Catherine University
(St. Paul, MN, USA)

"This course was not only interesting, but inspirational!  Now (at the end) I know I can be an effective nurturing instructor."

Katherine Compton, RN, BSN
Family Advocacy Program at Fort Hood
(Lampasas, TX, USA)

"In today’s fast paced world, it is wonderful to be able to bring a calm, positive and effective way for parent and caregivers to bond with their babies.  During the CIMT training, watching the babies enjoy massage from their caregivers was the best part! I can’t wait to share infant massage with families in my area.   Thank you Liddle Kidz!"

Kathy Edenzon, Training Academy Instructor, CIMT
AuPairCare Live-in Childcare
(Princeton, New Jersey, USA)

“Thank you Tina for teaching me such a wonderful gift to teach to parents and caregivers.  The intervention of touch can help build the bond and attachment between parent and infant.  When you teach you do this in a way that is open minded and respectful for both parent and child.”

Sandra Andrade, PsyD/ Psychologist , MA
(Chatsworth, CA, USA)

"The Infant Massage Certification Training Course was absolutely fantastic!  I learned so much in three days, and feel confident to teach infant massage classes to families.  I knew massage was good for babies, but now I know it is extraordinary!  Massage should be mandatory for every baby; the benefits for the whole family are outstanding!"

Cori Amundrud, CIMT | Certified Infant Massage Teacher
Coordinator, Golden Prairie Parent Link Centre
(Hanna, Alberta, CANADA)

"Tina was a very impressive instructor. I felt she was not only highly knowledgeable but very nurturing and sensitive to all of us."

Annie Viramontez, LMT | Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner, Healing Hands Massage Therapy
(Coeur D’Alene, ID, USA)

"Tina's training course was amazing.  I left feeling so much more confident working with children and excited at the possibilities of improving the lives of children and families coping with a variety of challenges.  Tina is an excellent instructor who has a calming presence and is very interactive with her class.  I would highly recommend any of Tina's classes!"

Jennifer R. Bernardo, LMT, Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT)
(Cumberland, RI, USA)

"Tina Allen is an expert in this field as demonstrated by various examples used to make sure we understood concepts presented.  She is a professional presenter who is able to read her audience and make adjustments.  There is not one dull moment.  As a participant in this training, I couldn't wait to hear what was next!  I was also sad to see this time come to an end."

S.P. Andrade, School Administrator | Early Childhood Educator
(Lennox, CA, USA)

"Tina was clear and had a great energetic and patient attitude. She was thorough with the information and helpful when answering questions. A true professional!"

Jacqueline Martinez, LMT | Licensed Massage Therapist | Special Education Teacher
(Maywood, CA, USA)

"I just finished the CIMT course in Toronto and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning infant massage. It was very interactive, informative and fun!  Thank you Tina for sharing your knowledge."

Janice Visinski, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

“Thanks so much, for all the time, education and resources you gave us during our infant massage certification training.  The seminar was great and I'm excited about all of the potential utilizing infant massage!”

Lauren Gilbert
Case Manager, Harvest Home
(Santa Monica, CA, USA)

“Thank you so much for the fabulous infant massage certification training!  I can't wait to teach my first group.  Tina, you are a bright shining star!”

Wendy Correa, LMT, RYT, nationally certified childbirth educator, doula and breastfeeding counselor
(Denver, CO, USA)

"Tina was an excellent instructor! She is incredibly thorough, patient and organized. I love that relaxation of the instructor was emphasized."

Lucia Lopez Plunkett, PhD | Clinical Psychologist
(Cypress, CA, USA)

"Such a great class! I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon Tina's infant massage class. My daughter was only seven weeks old when we enrolled - just getting out of the house was a bit of a challenge - but it turned out to be one of the best parenting choices I have made so far. My baby loves her massages. Tina's instruction gave me such confidence to touch and enjoy my daughter. Her teaching is research-based and effective, but also so warm and fun. Other parents have told me that they've continued to massage their children, even through high school, and that it’s really supported open and trusting relationships - I can't wait!"

Kyoko Bristow and Baby Maya
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

"I attended the Infant Massage Training in Toronto on Aug. 21-23, 2009.  Tina was an amazing instructor; knowledgeable, friendly and practical.  I have attended many trainings in the past,  but this training is the only one that I walked out feeling confident and prepared to begin my new career as an Infant massage teacher."

Sara Ebrahim, Social Service Worker, Elementary Teacher, Hon. B.A., B.Ed., CIMT
(Ajax, Ontario, CANADA)

“Tina is awesome! She is incredibly passionate, organized, professional, caring and compassionate. I could not have asked for a better person to learn about working with babies and kids from.”

Shivon Vanessa, LMT, CIMT, CIMI
(Pasadena, CA, USA)

"Tina is fabulous! Warm, knowledgeable and comfortable."

Michelle Wing, RYT | Registered Yoga Teacher
Owner, It's Yoga Kids
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

"I loved Tina's course in infant massage!  Tina is inspiring, knowledgeable and offers so much to her students.  Infant massage is a cultivation of awareness and health for  families, caregivers and people of all ages.  Infant massage is a gift that touched my heart!"

Amanda Pearson, LMT, CIMT
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

“Tina has and always will be a true blessing in my life. I am extremely grateful for the wisdom, knowledge and compassion that she shared with me. Through Tina, I learned the value and power of compassionate infant massage. Thank you Tina from bottom of my heart!”

Mayra Padilla, LMT, CIMT, CIMI
(Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)

“I can't express how much I loved your class.  I am so glad I decided to take it with you.  You truly are a gem!  ;)”

Cathy Fujimoto, LMT, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Torrance, CA, USA)

“Tina is a fantastic speaker, and it is easy for participants to be part of discussions.  She is positive, supportive and passionate about the work!  After this course, I look forward to not only my growth in pediatric massage but seeing the Liddle Kidz program grow & grow & grow!”

Eric Thanem, LMP, CPMT
(Poulsbo, WA, USA)

Tina has a great ability to put complicated material into simple and understandable terms.   She explains information in a simple, practical way and listens to her students.    She has openness, and creates a positive environment to learn.  Thank you for a great course!”

Michelle Anderson, RMT, CIMT, CPMT
(North Battleford, SK, Canada)

“Tina allowed the group of plenty of time for questions and altered the presentation based on our questions and needs.”

Brooke Ballard, LMT, CPMT
(Hoover, AL, USA)

“I think the course was very well done and can’t think of anything to improve it!  Tina is very informed and experienced.  She presented in a most interesting way!”

Ellen Zalewski, LMP, CPMT
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

“The CIMT course was wonderful! Tina is friendly, knowledgeable and a definite inspiration to anyone who cares for children! The course was easy to understand, and provided all the information necessary to begin your journey to a new and exciting career.”

Bailey Kerrivan, CIMT, CYW (Child & Youth Crisis Worker)
(Bowmanville, Ontario, CANADA)

“Tina is so easy to talk to!  She does an outstanding job and is so willing to share and listen.  Thank you so much!”

Robert McDonald, LMT, CPMT
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

“This course was so helpful and is giving us so much direction of reaching our goal to start a business in this field of practice.  Thank you for al of your help!”

Alysha Gurule-Willey, LMT, CPMT
(Peoria, AZ, USA)

“Tina's Pediatric Massage Certification course is academically informative, wonderfully stimulating, and positively filled with emotion. Tina is a pro-active force in the future of wellness for children.”

Wendy Kate Rolfe-Cook, LMT, NCTMB, CPMT
Owner - Massage & Bodywork
Member - Emergency Response Massage International (E.R.M.I.), Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals (A.B.M.P.)
Graduate - Body Being Massage Center School of Massage Therapy

(Tahoe City, CA, USA)

“It’s very impressive that you’ve come this far with your work . . .Inspiring!   Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us!”

Shaina Traisman, LMT
Founder, Yoga Behind Bars
(Seattle, WA, USA)

“I enjoyed how Tina uses a variety of modalities to teach a lot of material throughout the course!”

Bernadette Pelayo, OT, CIMT
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

“Overall this was a very professional and informative course.  Tina is an excellent teacher!”

Jeanette Dencker, BSBA, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(San Francisco, CA, USA & Norway)

“Thank you for your loving inspiration.  May touch heal the world!”

Margo Running, LMT, CIMT
(North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

“Many thanks for your inspiring instruction.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course.  You are a very special soul.”

Patricia Milburn-Barile, RMT, CIMT, CPMT
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

“You (Tina) are an amazing, informative, and a wealth of knowledge and experience.  You create a fun, nurturing and supportive environment.  Many thanks for your inspiring instruction. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. You are a very special soul.”

Lindsay Merchant-Nowoselsky, RMT, CIMT, CPMT
(Sherwood Park, AB, Canada)

Tina is very knowledgeable and compassionate about nurturing touch and infant massage, which creates a very stimulating learning environment.  Tina’s passion is inspirational!”

Casie Menhinick, CIMT, Birth and Post Partum Doula
(Gold Bridge, BC, Canada)

“Tina is a fantastic trainer.  She is approachable, knowledgeable, genuine, very organized and prepared for classes.  She is extremely supportive in all aspects and incredibly generous.  Thank you for the wonderful class. I’m looking very forward to sharing this wonderful gift with all the mom’s I know.”

Stefanie Swinnard, CIMT
(Chiliwack, British Columbia, Canada)

“Tina is very approachable, open, enthusiastic and passionate about the subject.  She encouraged and welcomed participation from our entire group.  She is also very professional.”

Candice Christianson-Watson, RMT, CIMT
(Whistler, BC, Canada)

“This course was the best experience I have had taking a CEU. Cant wait to take other courses from Tina Allen... Only wish she taught more classes!!! I would do all my training with her!”

Alysha Gurule LMT, CPMT
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

“Tina has a very lively and motivating way of teaching.  She is honest and real.  I can feel her empathy, compassion and passion!”

Katrin Blatter, Pediatric Nurse, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Toronto, ON, Canada & Switzerland)

“Tina is well informed, a great speaker and engaging person.  This was a fantastic class!”

Linnet Leuba, RMT, CIMT
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

“I enjoyed the infant massage training so much!  It was very hands on with a great instructor and great information, I think it will really compliment my business!"

Stephanie Copeman, CMD, CMT, CIMT
(Chatfield, MN, USA)

My name is Melanie Jansen, I am a mother of 3 and one on the way and I am from Fort St John, British Columbia. This training is amazing, it is full of facts and research. I was amazed at all the benefits of massage affecting our babies to society and everyone in between on a physical, emotional, and mental level!!!

Tina is definitely passionate about what she is teaching because it shows in all that she does. Her style of teaching made me feel comfortable and confident. I feel very fortunate that I can help Tina pass on the importance of nurturing touch. Thank you Tina for sharing your wisdom and experience!!!

Melanie Jansen, CIMT
(Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada)

Here is what I came up with about the CIMT course, it was so awesome (it’s hard to put it into words).  I simply started typing my thoughts...

The CIMT course that I attended in Edmonton was absolutely fabulous.  Tina brought  a contagious love for making families stronger, healthier and more connected.  The CIMT course gives you a great understanding of the lifelong benefits for providing massage, with well defended research and real life proof.  I left my training, feeling energized and eager to come back to work and using the knowledge and skills that I have learned from the CIMT training to the adults and children that I serve as the Parent Link Programmer in Lac La Biche.  Tina’s instruction covered all areas involved from the benefits of infant massage to marketing sessions, it left “no answers unanswered”.

Aimee Gauthier, CIMT
Parent Link Programmer

(Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada)

The Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT) course in Vancouver was fantastic, it covered everything I hoped it would and more.  Tina is so inspirational and I came away very fulfilled and raring to go. It's such a great thing to be able to do and to enter such a rewarding career. I fully recommend the CIMT course to others. Thank you

Samantha Berry, CIMT
(Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)

Tina is a fabulous instructor who’s passion for working with children shines through.  Infant Massage is a life changing experience for parent/guardian and baby that you can pass on to others to help better their bonds with their babies.

Karlana Klammer-Eastwood, CIMT - Certified Infant Massage Teacher
Vegreville & Area Family Day Home Coordinator/Parent Link Coordinator

(Vegreville, Alberta, Canada)

Tina is an amazing instructor – she is very knowledgeable, patient, and genuine. I was impressed with how thorough her course manual was – it contains loads of information and presents it in a way that is very clear and concise. I also appreciated all the great marketing ideas Tina gave us. After taking the Certified Infant Massage Teacher training course, I’m so excited to teach parents all about the wonderful world of infant massage!

Elizabeth Belfry, RMT, CIMT - Certified Infant Massage Teacher
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Tina is knowledgeable and confident both about teaching Infant Massage and about the business of Infant Massage. I left the course feeling encouraged and ready to start right away - and I still know that she's there to support my questions if needed!  I really feel blessed that I got to meet her and take the training with her. It has totally enhanced my career, but also my life in many other ways too! Tina, YOU, are a gift! Thank you for doing what you do and for being who you are!

Rebecca Blake, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT),  Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(San Francisco, California, USA)

Tina is AMAZING!!! This is the second professional training that I have taken from her and when I thought it couldn't get any better.... IT DID! I got all the training I need to truly be comfortable working in this exciting field.

Alysha Gurule-Willey, LMT, CPMT, CIMT
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Tina made it easy to ask questions at any time during class.  This class is packed with good information and I am excited to learn more from her in the future!

Shannon Steckelberg, LMT, CIMT
(Beresford, South Dakota, USA)

"As a Registered Massage Therapist and nursing student in Toronto Canada I went all the way to Shreveport Louisiana to take the CIMT course and I am very glad I did. Tina Allen is a terrific teacher who is a true inspirational leader in pediatric massage therapy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so that we can collectively benefit children all over the world using therapeutic touch".

Kathleen Reyes Lasola, RMT, SN3, CIMT
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

This course exceeded my expectations 10 fold.  I attended an infant massage training years ago, but rarely use it. Tina's course was more in-depth and it showed me the endless possibilities, potential and gave me the tools to use it, so it made it very practical. I am already using it in my practice! Thank you Tina!

Dana Regev, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Having taken previous Infant-Parent Massage certification classes before, I so appreciated the style with which Tina teaches.  She brings with her a wealth of experience, both with typically developing, well children, as well as a depth of knowledge of adaptations and considerations for children with special needs--something that as a Special Educator, I so appreciate.  She encourages her students to consider every possible scenario while planning a class, which builds thoughtful, sensitive instructors.  I am so thankful to have had a weekend of training with her!!

Martha Berit Nelson, MA-ECSED, SIDS Certified, 0-3 Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Oakland, California, USA)

Tina's in-depth instruction on all aspects of infant massage as well as infant health and development has allowed me to feel confident about teaching classes on my own, fully informed and ready to help facilitate bonding between caregivers and infants.  I thoroughly enjoyed the three day seminar, and have the utmost respect for Tina and her mission!

Brooke Ryan, LMT, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
(Mesa, Arizona, USA)

I loved the training.  I have a 5 month old daughter & I just enjoy being able to connect with her in such a special way.  The training has been able to provide me with knowledge & greater opportunity for me to bond with my daughter.  Pretty soon I will be certified & I will be able to provide parents with the same experience I have shared with my daughter.

Maria De Jesus Rodriguez, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)
Home Visitor, Volunteers of America Los Angeles

(North Hollywood, California, USA)

I honestly signed up for the CIMT course because I thought it would help me out when I became a lactation consultant, and because I thought it would help out my resume. But, after the first day of class, I was hooked and I am so excited to start teaching what I've learned to the people in my community. Infant massage is such a great way to bond with your child and to help them grow to be stronger healthier babies. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that loves children and likes helping people.

Michaela Mauler, CIMT
(Kearney, Nebraska, USA)

I really enjoyed Tina's Infant Massage Class. Not only has she shared a wealth of knowledge within those three days, but she has showed many of us how to reach our goals in helping infants, moms, and dads by sharing her accomplishments through this rewarding work. I loved seeing the video of her volunteer team in Thailand as well.

Celina McKenzie, NCTMB, ACMT, CR, CIMT
(Becker, Minnesota, USA)

My name is Mary McCoy and I am 43 years old. I have been a registered nurse, public health nurse, licensed school nurse, hospice nurse and more for over 20 years.  I have been to many conferences and classes over all those years.  I have to say that Tina put on the very best, most well organized, inspiring conference I have ever been to.

I can't hardly wait to get started in my new business with all she has taught me and encouraged me to do.  I went into it feeling very apprehensive and unsure if this was the direction I should go with my life and if I had the qualifications or business know-how to do it on my own.  Tina was so supportive and even went to lunch with me one day on her free time to answer all of my questions about starting a business.  She encouraged me so much that I walked away realizing that I already have what it takes to start my own business and help families. She saved me thousands of dollars in school costs.

Tina is a powerhouse of information and energy and her calm "everything's okay” demeanor is perfect for her line of work.  She has done incredible things with her career for the betterment of children all over the world, at her young age.  Very inspirational!  Her husband Shad was also great to talk to and very supportive of Tina's endeavors.  All that aside, the weekend was topped off by meeting their son Otis who was jam packed full of personality and smiles for everyone.  I am very excited to attend Tina's Certifies Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) course in Milwaukee next month.

I also want to point out that Tina's assistant Kristina back at home has been extremely professional, timely, helpful and very prompt.  She answered email questions the same day and followed up with great information to encourage us to keep going on our future endeavors the very next  day after the conference.  I couldn't be more impressed!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary McCoy
Registered Nurse (RN), Public Health Nurse,
Licensed School Nurse (LSN), Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT)

(Marshall, Minnesota, USA)

I took Tina's classes - Pediatric and Infant this spring 2009.  (Seattle and San Francisco)

I would like to recommend classes to anybody who is looking for fun and education. Tina is a loving and smiling lady giving her heart and knowledge at the same time. I am teaching my "Parenting Massage class" in Hawaii.  Children as well their parents love it. In our classes are not just infants but children of any age.

Thank you Tina for all material you provided; it makes my job easy and fun!!

Zorka Pinkas, LMT, CIMT, CPMT
(Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

I just completed the Pediatric Massage Certification Class and am soooooo happy I did! Tina Allen is engaging, knowledgeable and so dedicated to children and those who care for them. We can all affect change. Take this class and let's get going!

Mary Cay Cavanagh, NCBTMB, LMT, CEIM, CPMT, Certified Pre/perinatal Massage Specialist
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)



Now Let's Talk about how the Liddle Kidz Foundation can  make a postive impact on your life!

Finally, comprehensive infant massage and pediatric massage certification programs for professionals, caregivers and those wanting to enhance their career or begin a new one!  As a CIMT you can enhance your existing career, or begin a new career in the wonderful world of infant massage.  As a CPMT you can enhance your career as a professional massage therapist, bodyworker or other healthcare provider who wishes to provide massage therapy for pediatric clients.  The Liddle Kidz® Foundation Certification courses are intense, fun and an effective way to master the core skills of infant and pediatric massage.

Founded by pediatric massage master teacher and philanthropist Tina Allen, the LiddlePlease Liddle Kidz, teach my Mommy & Daddy Infant Massage Kidz® Foundation offers new, comprehensive, research based training courses and teaches students what they really need to know to become infant and pediatric massage professionals.

Any experienced infant massage teacher or pediatric massage therapist will tell you that there is a world of difference between learning how to massage a baby or child from a book or DVD, and knowing how to provide the best care to meet a child's and families needs.  However, there are few opportunities to learn the skills you really need from a working healthcare professional who has provided infant and pediatric massage education throughout the world.  This is that rare opportunity!

As a CIMT or CPMT, you have the special opportunity to impact a child and their family for a lifetime.  Take the first step and get started today.




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