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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit | NICU | Massage Program for Hospitalized Infants and  and Premature Babies.Research has demonstrated that nurturing touch for an infant is critical in establishing the foundation of their psychological well-being. During this course, medical professionals are trained to  communicate with medically fragile infants in the hospital-based Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through the use of comforting touch.

Those invited to this specially designed course include nurses, physicians and other health care professionals. Each participant in this course will learn Infant Massage techniques and containment holds that are appropriate for fragile hospitalized infants. We will also discuss each individual’s experience in the NICU and how they feel touch can be used safely and appropriately.Baby in the NICU

We will teach you how to adapt your touch for each individual infant, recognize each infant’s unique preferences and understand their communication cues. Each participant will learn contraindications for massage, background of Infant Massage, history of touch for hospitalized infants, and research about Infant Massage. Appropriate touch will be demonstrated and hands-on practicum will include in class practice on appropriate dolls.Pediatrician

At the completion of the course, participants will be able to demonstrate Infant Massage techniques and containment holds appropriate for medically fragile infants, list contraindications to Infant Massage, identify behavioral cues from babies that communicate stress, describe what "negative touch" is for babies in the NICU and how Infant Massage can help balance it. As well as describe "asking permission" and promoting “respect” in the use of Infant Massage.

This training supports the integration of Infant Massage, and nurturing touch, as a vital element in the NICU environment improving quality of life for staff, babies and families.



About the Trainer

Tina Allen |  Founder & Director,  Liddle Kidz Foundation | Internationally respected author, lecturer and authority on Infant and Pediatric Massage Therapy.Tina Allen, Founder and Director of the Liddle Kidz Foundation, is the premier expert and authority on infant and pediatric massage therapy. She is an internationally respected lecturer, educator, and award-winning author of the best selling book "A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children”.

Ms. Allen managed the United States first comprehensive pediatric massage program and regularly provides consultation on the development of hospital based pediatric massage programs.

Her innovative approach to children’s health has allowed her the unique opportunity to train hospital staff, healthcare professionals, collaborate on research studies and integrate pediatric massage therapy into some of the world’s leading medical institutions.

She travels 365 days a year in a tour bus with her husband and their awesome son, sharing the benefits of nurturing touch!

 Read Tina Allen’s Entire Biography

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Tuition & Registration

Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz® in the NICU Massage Program is scheduled directly with participating healthcare institutions, as this training is offered within the hospital facility. If you are interested in finding out how your hospital may receive instruction in your Neonatal Intensive Care Unit please contact us directly.

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Training Includes

Medical personnel are instructed in the introduction of comforting touch to be used by nursing and healthcare staff with medically fragile infants. Additionally, we teach you techniques to impart to families who have a baby in the NICU.

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Who Should Attend

The Liddle Kidz® NICU Massage Program is designed to offer medical professionals training in how to incorporate loving touch in their work with infants and families in their hospital based Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. At the request of the sponsoring hospital, healthcare professionals will be trained in this loving intervention.

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When we teach this course at your specific hospital, we will consult with your education department and request that each participant receives CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) after attendance of the course.

Through a special version of this course designed with CHLA (Childrens Hospital Los Angeles), Continuing Education Units were approved and offered to their hospital staff after completion of the course and written exam.

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