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American Massage Conference

What is the American Massage Conference?

The American Massage Conference (AMC) is North America’s NEWEST exhibition of massage products, continuing education and new business opportunities for therapists of all disciplines.

  • In 2011, the American Massage Conference (AMC) took place May 20-22nd at the Capitol Conference Center Atlanta Georgia.
  • In 2012, the American Massage Conference (AMC) took place May 20 – 22nd at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego California.

Annually, the American Massage Conference will be offered twice in both San Diego and Atlanta.

The inaugural massage conference will featured over 50 exhibitors, continuing education in the forms of 1 hour, 3 hour or 1 or 2 day workshops, a Saturday night reception and LIVE MUSIC dance party in the hotel.

Along with the 2 exhibit halls AMC provided 1 hour presentations on products/services/courses, and also 3 hour workshops. All education was approved by NCBTMB and Florida State Board of Massage Therapy for CEU credits.  On Sunday morning, AMC hosted a free student seminar and in the afternoon, a job fair. This was a special opportunity for those emerging into the field of massage and bodywork to meet legendary massage experts and participate in discussions, workshops and meet other therapists.



The AMC is organized by Lorna Pasinato, Scott Dartnall, Monica Forchielli and Robyn Green, who have been running the Canadian Massage Conference for 3 years, which is Canada’s LARGEST exhibition of massage products, education and business opportunities. They are joined in their American Conference by Angie Patrick of Massage Warehouse. Angie is a priceless addition to the team. She brings her knowledge, contacts and mostly passion for the massage industry with her on this quest, the American Massage Conference aims to be the most successful American Massage Conference ever.

The American Massage Conference always includes cutting edge Massage Continuing Education

Professional massage education presenters and classes included:



Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Specialist Certification


Whitney Lowe








Thermal Palms Massage


Eric Brown








Headaches: Triggers and Treatments


David Kent








Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Shoulder, Hip and Knee Conditions


James Waslaski








SMART Marketing with Social Media


Felicia Brown








Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Forearm, Wrist & Hand Conditions


James Waslaski








Pillossage™ Technique Thermal Connective Tissue Release


Karen Kowel








Pediatric Massage: Highlighting Massage for Autism & ADD/ADHD


Tina Allen








Introduction to Pain Management and Sports Massage


Micheal McGillicuddy








Introduction to Deep Tissue Healing: The Art of Stone Massage


Bruce Baltz








Ethics Review (Standard V)


Laura Allen








The BodySaver Method


Patrick Ingrassia








MediCupping™ Produces Radical Results for Cellulite, “Solid Bloat”, and Wellness!


Anita Shannon








Profit with Products and Receive a $100 Product Goodie Bag!


Cherie Sohnen-Moe
Lynda Solien-Wolfe








Post Surgical Treatment of Mastectomy/Breast Implants


Paul Lewis








Introduction to Kinesio Taping


Micheal McGillicuddy








General Business: Take Your Practice to the Next Level


Cherie Sohnen-Moe








Introduction to Lomi Lomi FREE Lomi DVD EXCLUSIVELY FOR AMC participants


Gloria Coppola








Massage in Eldercare and Hospice: an Introduction to Compassionate Touch®


Ann Catlin








Opening the Toolbox - A Touch Education Workshop


Matthew Howe








Education Skills for the Massage Therapist


Christopher Alvarado
Angela Palmier








Introduction to Nerve Mobilization


Doug Alexander








The Importance of Professionalism In Every Aspect of Your Practice


Terry Russell








How to incorporate technology into your practice with Aneil Singh


Simply Appointments








An Introduction to Orthopedic Massage


James Waslaski








How to Streamline Your Charting


Nick Gabrelle of SOAP Vault








Massage Cupping


Anita Shannon








Learn non-invasive access to the psoas and piriformis


Cindy Ballis
Sacro Wedgy








The BodySaver Method


Patrick Ingrassia








The Fascial Matrix: Technique and Theory


Angie Dubis of Biotone








Topical Analgesics 101


Michael M McGillicuddy








Warming Up with Reflexology Influences


Michelle Giammarinaro of Touch Education








A Solution to both Cervical and Sacral Work


Barb Richmond Creator of the Cranio-Cradle and Debbie Roberts








Beyond Massage,Treating and Healing using Myo Release Therapy


Phil Scolieri








Occlusion/Strapping Techniques for Ankle Sprain/Strains with the use of topical analgesic


Lloyd List, creator of Cryoderm








Advanced Certification










Move over Tennis Ball


Home Care for Clients with Dr Cohen








How to Market your Business for Success and Sustainability


Laura Babcock of Power Group Communications








Tools for Better Results


Mike Watters








Chair Massage Essentials


Eric Brown








You are Your Business


Melanie Hayden








Kinesiology is Cool


Whitney Lowe










Ivy Jo Staton








Occlusion/Strapping Techniques for Ankle Sprain/Strains with the use of topical analgesic


Lloyd List, creator of Cryoderm








Specific Client Positioning to Fascilitate Effective Treatments


Paul Lewis








Claims Happen | Liability Cautionary Tales and What They Can Teach Us


Anne Williams ABMP








Introduction to Stone Massage


Pat Mayrhofer






















































The ONE Concept Gala and American Massage Conference Awards Presentation was held Saturday May 21, 2011 and honored:



Lifetime Achievement Award


Leticia Allen








International Massage Therapist of the Year


Tina Allen








American Massage Therapist of the Year


Laura Allen








Innovator of the Year


Ryan Hoyme “Massage Nerd”








Educator of the Year


Laurie Craig








Global Education Sponsor










Global Education Sponsor


Massage Envy








Global Sponsor


Massage Warehouse








Global Media Sponsor


Massage Today








Volunteer of the Year


Felicia Brown








First ONE Concept Educator


Anita Shannon








First ONE Concept School


Ontario College of Health and Technology






For more information about the American Massage Conference, please visit the AMC website



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